Our Mission and Values

“To support young people to live successful, healthy and fulfilling lives.”

Our Values

The values that we use in our work with young people are:

RESPECT - We will welcome you and treat you with the same level of respect as everyone else.

SUPPORT - We provide a place where we can offer you information, support and a range of services which are relevant and respond to your needs.

LISTENING & CHOICE - We will listen to your needs and, in line with our policy, support you in making informed choices, empowering you to take control of your life.

RIGHTS & NEEDS - We recognise, promote and campaign for your rights and respect your needs.

VALUES & BELIEFS - We will not try to influence you by imposing our own beliefs.

OPENNESS - We will work with you in an open and honest way

CONTACT - You can choose to contact or break contact with us.

BOUNDARIES - We will continue to support you as long as your behaviour does not affect the rights of others.

INVOLVEMENT - We offer you the opportunity to be involved with the decision-making and running of our service.