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About Personal and group development

The groupwork team provide opportunities for you to have fun, learn new skills, challenge yourself both mentally and physically, gain confidence, improve social skills and ultimately move forward with your lives. Most of the groups we run use the outdoors as its venue. We will often visit places such as Dartmoor National Park, local beaches and our small residential/day centre called Lopwell Barn which is situated 10 miles away from the city centre.

Through these activities and programmes The Zone aims to ‘support, enable and empower you to make positive decisions for yourself about the things that are important to you, and help you reach your full potential’.

Many of the groups we run cater for specific young people, many of which already engage with a team within the agency. If you have a case worker or Care Coordinator please talk to them to find out if there are groups happening which you can get involved with.

We also run activity groups and one off events which anybody can get involved with. Always check the website for information. You can also LIKE our Facebook page which will inform you of any event coming up.

Information for Professionals:

If you are working with a young person who you feel would benefit from accessing any of the groups listed above please contact Jon White.