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Are You Thinking About Moving Out ?

Living on your own is not easy. Recent research has found that 1 in 3 young people, aged 16-25, fail to maintain their tenancy within the first 12 months. Carefully thinking about living alone before you decide to move out will give you the best chance of success.

The Zone believes that the best place for young people to live is with their families. If it is unsafe for you to remain at home or if this places your family at risk of harm, you do have options. Please get in touch with us or visit our drop-in (see below) to discuss this with one of our team.

Are You Homeless?

You can be considered as homeless if

  • You don’t have ‘a roof over your head
  • You are staying with friends or ‘sofa surfing’
  • You can’t live together with your partner or close family
  • You’re under threat of homelessness
  • You’re at risk of violence
  • Your accommodation is in poor condition
  • You can’t afford to stay where you are

You should receive additional support from Plymouth City Council if you can demonstrate that you are priority need for housing.

If you need more help, the Zone Accommodation Project (ZAP) team can support you to find a solution to meet your specific needs using the following approaches.


Our drop in is available for anyone aged 13-25 who would like help with their housing. Our experienced staff and volunteers provide information, guidance and support. They will assess your current housing situation and explore your housing options with you. They can also make referrals to ZAP’s specialist support services described below and other agencies that are best suited to meet your needs. 

Our drop in times are:         

16 & 17 year olds: Monday to Friday between 10am - 4pm.
18—25 year olds: Monday, Wednesday & Friday 10am  - 4pm

If you are homeless with nowhere safe to stay please come along to our drop-in as early as you can. This will give your worker time to help you find somewhere to stay and may prevent you from sleeping rough

ZAP Mediation

Mediation is a structured process where people sort out their differences with the support of a trained mediator from the Zone. Mediation is voluntary, confidential and led by you.

Firstly we will give you space to talk about the problems you are experiencing, then with your permission we contact the person you are experiencing problems with (this could be a parent or guardian or whoever you are currently living with) to see their side of things (this may take a few sessions).

We then arrange a time where we can all meet together to talk face to face about what is going on. From this session it may be that the problems can begin to be sorted, this should hopefully then lead to an improvement in your relationship.

If you would like to know more please read our mediation page.

ZAP Early Intervention

This offers young people who are homeless, one to one support from an allocated worker. Together with your worker you will be able to look at your housing and support needs and together draw up a support plan which will be reviewed regularly. Your Early Intervention worker will be able to support you for 3 months with the focus on preventing you from sleeping rough.

ZAP Floating Support

This offers young people who need help to maintain their tenancy, one to one support from an allocated worker. Together with your worker you will be able to look at your housing and support needs and together draw up a support plan which will be reviewed regularly. Your Floating Support worker will be able to help you for up to 6 months (or 8 months in exceptional circumstances) with the focus on remaining in your current home or finding you suitable alternative accommodation.

You can self-refer to ZAP Early Intervention or Floating Support by completing our referral form or attend our drop-in service where this will be discussed with you.

Your Housing Options

These vary depending on your age. The following pages contain advice specific to your age so please indicate how old you are – 16 or 17 or 18 - 25.

Advice for Parents and Professionals

We have prepared advice specifically for your parents or any professionals (teachers, social workers or youth workers for example) that are supporting you.

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