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Emotional Health and Wellbeing in Schools


A whole school approach to supporting emotional health and wellbeing across school communities. A service whereby partnerships shall be developed and pathways formed, developing capacity and competence to address the presenting needs of our students.

Progeny will become a service which successfully addresses and supports the needs of our whole school communities. We know that young people who are stable, secure and happy in their own skin go on to succeed, make positive choices and live fulfilling adulthoods.

Year 2 Update

  • 103 School Based Staff have been successfully trained as Mental Health First Aiders.
  • 319 additional School Based Staff have had elements of Mental Health First Aid disseminated to them, of which 100% reported that this was beneficial to their roles.
  • 134 School Based Staff have received additional ‘twilight’ training in; Healthy Relationships, Social Media, LGBT, CSE, Attachment and Drugs and Alcohol.
  • 180 individual Children and Young People received workshops throughout Mental Health Awareness Week, comprising sessions addressing Mental Health Awareness and Stress and Resilience.
  • To Date 82 Young People have been trained as Peer Listeners within their School Communities.
  • To Date 57 Young People have received our 10 week Targeted Programme which has its basis in Emotional Health, Wellbeing and Resilience.
  • Completed a 4 date Parent and Carer Mental Health Awareness Workshop Pilot, of those who attended, 100% reported that the session was relevant and well prepared.

Year 3 Opportunities

  • Schools will be audited for the third time to explore where improvements have been made and further support is required within the remit of Emotional Health and Wellbeing.
  • Following on from the Parent and Carer Workshop Pilot we have put together a Timetable for these sessions to continue over the next school year with the introduction of a multi-disciplinary team delivering the Sessions and being available for Questions and Answers.
  • Peer Listening will be developed further with current Peer Listeners becoming Trained to train future Peer Listeners (Legacy Trainers) and Schools will be supported to take full ownership of the Peer Listening Model and Delivery.
  • Further Training opportunities have been identified and these include; Staff Training based on Resilience and Mental Health, Specific Mental Health Disorders and how to manage/cope, Resilience and Coping strategies for young people. We will explore opportunities for this training to be delivered via; The Zone, CAMHS and Young Devon as a Partnership.
  • Our Targeted Programme will continue to work with and support Young People within their School Communities.
  • Two weeks of Activity will work with Young People as a series of Workshops covering Mental Health Awareness, Stress and Resilience.
  • We created resources including Factsheets and a Resource booklet which has been shared to School based staff via Mental Health Leads and those whom attended Mental Health First Aid training. Further resources are also available on The Zone website and resources were shared within Mental Health Awareness week.