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About Victim Care

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation in order to protect our service users and staff most of our face to face appointments have been replaced with telephone calls, email and online services. If you would like to speak with someone from our counselling project please call us on 01752 206626, 07972 179912 or send us an email.

We are continuing to take referrals.

Have you been the victim of a crime?

If so we are here to help.

We can:

  • Support you to deal the immediate impact from any crime.
  • Provide ongoing support, including counselling, to help you to recover from long term harm

Why we do it...

Young people are more likely than adults to be the victim of crime and are more likely to report this to services they trust, such as The Zone.

Each young person who is the victim of crime will be affected differently and will require support specific to their needs. These needs will vary depending on their circumstances.

Self esteem and confidence will often be diminished as a consequence of being a victim of crime.

Young people who have experienced crime may require one to one support to provide time and space to discuss what has happened, the impact and possible consequences of the crime, and how to avoid similar situations in the future.

Young people are increasingly the victims of crime such as;

  • being targeted on the internet
  • violence
  • criminal damage
  • theft or robbery
  • domestic abuse
  • sexual violence
  • hate crime
  • Young People can also witness other people be victims of crime, and this can lead them to feeling unsure of what to do to support them.

There are lots of agencies involved in making sure that young people feel safe. This is called 'safeguarding young people'. There are some young people who do not report crime because they are scared of what it will mean and what will happen. It is important that you get the facts. The Devon and Cornwall Police website has lots of useful information about what happens and how to report.

How to access support...

You can complete a self referral form here or drop in to The Zone Monday to Friday between 12pm – 5pm to complete a referral with one of our Youth Support Volunteers.

Alternatively you can visit the Victim Care website who can put you in touch with agencies throughout Devon and Cornwall that can offer support.

If you have accessed the service...

If you have used or are using the service please complete this survey to let Victim Care know about your experience of the service.

Have you visited The Zone recently? Please let us know about your visit here...