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At The Zone we are able to offer free pregnancy testing and pre conception advice; so if you are planning a pregnancy or think you may be pregnant please drop in to see one of our workers to talk through your options in confidence.

I think I may be pregnant - what should I do?

If you think you may be pregnant it's important to drop into The Zone as soon as you can. Pregnancy testing is available Monday to Friday between 12pm - 5pm (we are also open until 7pm on Tuesday) and Saturday 10.30am - 4pm.

What do I have to do?

To provide an accurate test, you will need to be at least 4 days late for your period and provide an early morning urine sample. It needs to be first wee of the day before you have anything to eat or drink as soon as you get out of bed in a clean container.                                     

Your worker will explain how the test works and spend time going through your options.

If you get a positive result you have 3 options

To go full term with the pregnancy

To go full term with the pregnancy and go down the adoption route

To have a termination of pregnancy

We can support you with whatever decision you make.

Further support and useful contact details:

You may feel a range of emotions whatever the result of your pregnancy test. There are a number of different organisations that are able to offer you further support including:


NHS Choices

Pregnancy Crisis Care

This information was updated February 2020 and will be reviewed in September 2020.